About Us

The Malaysian Federation of Lasallian Alumni Associations (“MFOLSA”) is an umbrella organization of 19 La Salle Alumni Associations of the La Salle Christian Brothers Schools in Malaysia.

The MFOLSA was launched in 1976 by 5 Alumni Associations: Old Xaverians Association, Penang; Old Georgians Association, Taiping; Old Paulians Association, Seremban; Sacred Heart Old Students Association, Sibu & St. Jospeh’s Old Boys Association, Kuching.

The MFOLSA has grown in size and now comprises 19 Alumni Associations.

Since its inception, the MFOLSA has been committed to multi-faith integration and inter-faith dialogue among people of all ethnic backgrounds who make us the Alumni bodies and the nation. The MFOLSA is committed to unity and fellowship founded on our Lasallian values and ethos. The overriding aim of the MFOLSA is to share the Lasallian values, heritage and ethos with the younger Lasallians in Asia many of whom are still in our Lasallian educational institutions.

Our Vision
The Malaysian Federation of Lasallian Alumni Associations aspires to serve its members and to actively be of service to others as an inspirational model and be the gateway that fosters relationships, understanding and friendship amongst alumni.

Our Mission
1. To keep former students of Lasallian Institutions in Malaysia in close touch with one another;
2. To bring into being and to promote a spirit of friendship and unity among the members of the member associations;
3. To safeguard the interest and to assist in the development of Lasallian educational institutions;
4. To render mutual assistance and to work for the welfare of member associations and their members.