Towards reviving the sporting excellence among La Sallian schools


The Inter La Salle Games was an annual sports programme involving the La Salle schools inthe Klang Valley during the 1970s through to the late 1980s. The programme was stagedprimarily to nurture and identify young talents that can be recruited for the respectiveschool’s mainstream Under-15 and Under-18 teams that participated in the district andstate level tournaments. The Games were limited by age group to Under-14 – hence aneffective feeder programme.


After a hiatus of 30 years the MALAYSIAN FEDERATION OF LASALLIAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS (MFOLSA) intends to revive this unique sporting tradition, within a current regulatory environment that is seen to be friendlier to the idea of La Salle schools being allowed to run special programmes under the auspices of the School Boards and Alumni Associations.  Carrying the torch for MFOLSA is the OLD LA SALLIANS’ ASSOCIATION OF LA SALLE PETALING JAYA headed by its President, Nantha Kumar Vaithilingam.

MFOLSA plans to stage The La Salle Games as an annual event. This year’s inaugural event is limited to 8 schools that are in and around the Klang Valley region, and down to the south of West Malaysia to Malacca. However, from 2019 onwards, it will involve all La Salle schools in Malaysia. 


The principle objectives of the revival of the Inter La Salle Games are as follows: 

  1. To revive the culture of sporting excellence among La Salle schools, towards reinstating our brother schools as sports champions. 
  2. Affirming the importance of holistic education, which has been the hallmark of La Salle schools, where equal emphasis is given to co-curriculum and academic development.
  3. Building the bridges – whereby the competitive environment will nurture a stronger bond among all stakeholders of La Salle schools; its students, its teachers as well as their alumni. 



The Inter La Salle Games is to be held on

Date :                    14th July 2018 
Venue :                SMK La Salle, Petaling Jaya

The focus will be on limited age group : Forms 1 & 2 (Under 14). 

Selected Sports Events

  1. Football
  2. Hockey
  3. Badminton
  4. Table Tennis
  5. Basketball
  6. Road Run Relay

Participating Schools

1) SMK La Salle Petaling Jaya 

2) SMK La Salle Klang

3) SMK La Salle Sentul 

4) SMK La Salle Brickfields 

5) SMK St John’s Institution 

6) SMK St Paul’s Institution 

7) SMK St Francis Institution 

8) St John’s International School

For information, please contact us: 

  • Michael Simon – President MFOLSA (012-2872231)
  • Lim Hock Thiam – Hon Treasurer MFOLSA (012-2315994)
  • Nantha Vaithilingam – La Salle Games Organizing Chairman (012-3818989)